What Caused The Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

In 200 CE, merchants across the ancient trade routes of the Silk Road were willing to accept a variety of coins. From Roman Emperors to Eastern Gods, these coins had.

What Is Ethereum?

No question about it, as far as technological advancement is concerned, we have left our ancestors in the dust. It’s almost comical to think about what someone from the 1800s might do if..

Decentralized Applications (DApp’s)

DApps or decentralized applications are a revolutionary use of blockchain technology. Essentially, Dapps utilize a peer to peer (p2p) distributed ledger network to establish a decentralized exchange of

What are Smart Contracts?

Smart Contracts are digitally binding contracts between two or more parties that do not require a central authority for enforcement. Simply put the clauses of any contract contain certain terms and..

What Is A Cryptocurrency Anyway?

Cryptocurrency is sort of an alias – it doesn’t actually mean “a currency that is cryptographic.” Simply put, it is a digital currency. Not tied to any single country’s economy.