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What The FUD Is HODL? And Who’s Buying The DIP?

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What The FUD Is HODL? And Who’s Buying The DIP?

As with anything, when you’re new, you’re new. Knowing what commonly used terms mean isn’t always going to be easy. Especially, when technical jargon is thrown in for fun, or when an entire community adopts a typo as an actual terminology… yes, this happens, kind of all the time. In time, and perhaps even after reading this post – you’ll sound like a full-fledged, badge-wearing, card-carrying crypto enthusiast.


FUD FUD spells out Fear Uncertainty and Doubt. It’s usually used when someone is trying to discourage or mislead someone else. E.g. “Really?! George is spreading FUD again?” HODL  Well, there’s an interesting backstory to this one for sure. Before we get into that though, HODL has been normalized to mean Hold On for Dear Life. Basically, this term widely used in the Bitcoin community refers to holding on to your currency rather than selling it when the price drops. Now, let’s check out the fun historical part of this definition. Sometime in December 2013, a user was posting to a Bitcoin forum. He posted his message with a typo in the subject, “I AM HODLING!!” And the rest is history! WHEN MOON?, OR TO THE MOON! The term really should be “To the Moon”. The question “When Moon??!”, sounds silly and meme-ish, which it totally is. When someone says “To the Moon!”, they are expressing joy, that their crypto of choice is climbing in price. They may also be expressing their hope that the crypto they’ve purchased continues its market climb TO THE MOON! AND INCOMES … WHEN LAMBO? The obvious definition here is:  “When will I get my Lamborghini?”. When your investment soars to the moon, you’ll be able to purchase your Lamborghini! Perhaps even take it there… (Joking. Kinda). BUYING THE DIP This is based on some very general and perhaps even popular investment strategies. We’ve all heard someone say this (in movies, and probably in real life), “Buy low, and sell high!”.  This is, essentially buying the dip. You’re purchasing crypto, or traditional investment vehicles when the prices have dropped in hopes of the prices climbing. When the prices climb “TO THE MOON”, you can sell them and “When Lambo”! (See what we did there?) FOMO Fomo is a term that is used in more than just the cryptocurrency realm? It stands for the Fear Of Missing Out. If you’re really enthusiastic about crypto and blockchain you’re constantly checking news and watching the markets because you don’t want to miss out on ‘the next best thing”. ATH And ATL ATH, and ATL are not the travel abbreviations for Athens and Atlanta… at least not for our purposes in this post. ATH, and ATL stand for “All time high”, and conversely “All time low”.  These are terms that are used to describe the record highs, record lows any investment vehicle will ultimately reach. And there you have it, the most interesting terms/words used in the crypto realm as we know it. We’re going to follow up with a post that covers some of the more traditional crypto terms very soon. Keep an eye out
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