New on CoinSmart: Trading History Download, Enhanced Market Page, Chatbot

CoinSmart is making cryptocurrency accessible. Becoming a one-stop experience where users have the right tools to play in the crypto space lets us drive this mission forward.

Today, we’re adding features to make your experience on CoinSmart a little more complete.

Self-Serve Transaction History CSV

It’s tax season in Canada. And in previous years, our team handled requests for a user’s transaction history through our customer experience (CX) ticket queue. While analyzing these CX tickets, we felt it was long overdue to dislodge the responsibility to make a custom request and allow our users direct access to their trading history.

This means less tickets in our queue, and more accessibility to your crypto.

We’re happy to announce users can log into CoinSmart and find a download button for your entire transaction history on web. This csv will contain all your crypto transactions to-date on our platform and will aid with filing crypto taxes.

Here’s where you can find the download button:

Kindly note to retrieve specific information pertaining to your account deposits and withdrawals, we encourage you to reach out to your primary financial institution or review the information found in your external wallet.

Enhanced Market Page

Our web platform analytics revealed a lot of users were clicking on the coin images shown on the dashboard page, expecting an action to take place—also known as dead clicks. We looked at solutions and decided to run an experiment.

In beta, we’ve released a [Markets] page dedicated to housing general details and trends about the coins on our platform. Here’s a glimpse at it:

Here you will see more long-term trends like percent change on 24H, 7D, 30D, and 1Y timelines—along with the ability to quickly navigate to other coins on the platform.

We’ll be rolling this out to a subset of users to see if it is used before making a trade. Then we’ll take in the data, and decide if we want to roll it out further.

We hope you enjoy browsing cryptos in a more casual environment than Advanced Trade. Chatbot Upgrade

Much like crypto, CoinSmart is 24/7—it’s been a cornerstone of our business model and integral part of our messaging. Our omni-channel support system is designed to quickly resolve inquiries with a mix of AI and the staff we have available every hour of the day.

Now, if you’ve used our customer support, you’ll know the first thing you’ll interact with is a chatbot. These are designed to leverage AI to:

  • label your inquiry type

  • suggest resources from our proprietary knowledge base

  • queue you up with the appropriate agent

To better do what we do best, our Customer Experience (CX) team has migrated our chatbot to

We’re excited about this switch because the logic and capabilities ADA offers will better serve users looking for information that does not require a human—consequently reducing queue times—and better set up our agents to serve the users who do.

We hope this improvement will give you a more enjoyable experience on CoinSmart—when you need it most.

Check Out All the New Updates

The Self-Serve Transaction History CSV and ADA Chatbot will be rolling out today. Expect the Enhanced Market Page to follow this week.

We hope you enjoy the updates and your 2022 has been wonderful so far.

~ The CoinSmart Product Team