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SmartRewards: Read Articles, Earn Free SATs

Knowledge is money – literally. Earn 1000 SATs by correctly answering a few quiz questions at the end of each of the following articles:

NOTE: This list will be continuously updated—keep an eye on it.

Rules of the game

Here are some things to ensure you get your payout after taking a quiz:

  • You need to answer every single question in the quiz correctly—all or nothing.
  • You can only take each quiz twice in a 24 hour period.
  • Use the email you registered on CoinSmart with to earn the reward.
  • Quiz results will be sent to your email—check to confirm you’ve gotten 100%.
  • You must have a registered account on CoinSmart to receive your funds. Note: a verified account is required to trade or withdraw funds.
  • Your earned SATs will deposited each week for the previous week’s completed quizzes.
  • You will only receive rewards for the first correct submission for each individual quiz.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go and earn yourself some SATs!