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Hej ven! Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top cryptocurrencies in Denmark with CoinSmart. The Danish crypto ecosystem has shown great promise. With CoinSmart you can now join your country’s ever-growing crypto community!

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Get funding in Denmark
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You can access the following payment methods in Denmark to send and receive funds with ease.

A Trading Plaform for Beginners and Experts.
We have Denmark all covered.

CoinSmart and has the simplest and most intuitive cryptocurrency trading platform in Denmark and anywhere else in the world. Buy and sell the BTC, ETH, and others on both desktop and mobile.

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Designed for beginners and
built for experts.
We have you all covered.

Our mission is to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone. Coinsmart is the easiest to use cryptocurrency trading platform. Buy and sell bitcoin and other digital currencies quickly and easily on desktop and mobile.

Canadian Cryptocurrency Trading App
Advanced crypto trading tools at your fingertips.



CoinSmart verification is quick.

Access your finds on the very day you make a deposit. Say “NO” to pairing and tethering. Create your CoinSmart account in Denmark and get verified within minutes.

Get verified quickly with CoinSmart.

Create an account and get verified in minutes. Access your funds the same day you make a deposit. No more pairing and tethering needed. Once you get verified you can start buying and selling your digital currencies.


Ready to start Buying
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Here are just some of the reasons why customers love CoinSmart.

Smart Trade

Forget about trading pairs! With one click you can trade from one altcoin to another, without having to trade to Bitcoin or Ethereum first.

Industry Leading Security

Have peace of mind that your coins are safe and secure. CoinSmart utilizes the top custody providers on the planet by leveraging the power of Bitgo and Fireblocks. Cold storage? Yep. Safe and secure verifications? You got it. 2FA? Of course.

Be confident with CoinSmart.

Advanced Trading Tools

Are you a crypto genius?

We have all the bells and whistles of a truly advanced trading platform. Experienced traders can use limit orders, stop loss and real time charting.

Trust and Accountability

Nothing is more important when buying and selling crypto than trusting your provider.

CoinSmart has all the appropriate licensing and registrations required in each jurisdiction we operate in.

Customers trust CoinSmart.

Made with ❤️  in Canada

We are proud to be built in Canada! Now with our multiple licenses, we’re open for business in new markets!


3-Pronged Approach.
Agile. Effective. Comprehensive.

CoinSmart provides a 3-pronged  approach to customer support to help answer all your questions. 

Live Support: You can connect with a SmartRep via phone call or live chat every day from 9 am to 9 pm EST.

Smartie: When our agents are taking a short breather, we’ll have Smartie our industry leading AI Chat bot waiting to help you.

FAQ: Our team worked really hard to build a comprehensive knowledge base so you don’t have to wait in line to find answers to most of your queries.

With CoinSmart you’re a person, not a number. Now that’s customer service and why we can boast a 97% customer satisfaction rate.

What do our customers say about CoinSmart?

Chad P.
Chad P.
Ottawa, Canada
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I love their customer support team. They're always friendly with helping resolve my account issues and have a phone line for live support. 🙂
Bernard L.
Bernard L.
Toronto, Canada
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I've been dealing with CoinSmart for around 2 years now. All transactions have been smooth and the security seems really well done. Whenever I've had an issue, I have used the online chat and had someone help me within minutes. Really good service!
Chris S.
Chris S.
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CoinSmart is an easy to use cryptocurrency exchange with a nice user interface and comparable fees. The support team responds very quickly and are helpful in resolving any issues. CoinSmart is on my list of exchanges when I am checking for the best market prices!
Scott C.
Scott C.
Toronto, Canada
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The customer service with this company is second to none. They have gone out of their way to help me with a couple initial questions I had. I am new to the whole Bitcoin thing and I was and still am amazed how much effort was put into helping me. I will be referring this company to anyone and everyone.
Crypto in the palm of your hand. Access your account 24/7.

Download the best crypto trading app today and see how easy it is to buy and sell bitcoin and many other coins through our mobile app.

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