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With Ethereum 2.0 right around the corner, everyone is reading up on proof-of-stake (PoS) and its changes to the ecosystem. As things stand, the transition to PoS is already underway, with Ethereum successfully launching the beacon chain in December 2020. The beacon chain already has 108,544 active validators who have staked around 3.47M ETH tokens. So, as we stand at the cusp of an event that’s been nearly 5 years in the making, let’s take a look behind the scenes.
EIP-1559 has become one of the hottest topics of discussion among Ethereum developers and miners. Some say this will be one of the most important upgrades that Ethereum will go through and make the DeFi ecosystem richer than it already is. While others believe the upgrade will rob Ethereum miners of their hard-earned money. Which side of the debate do you fall on?
The likes of Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Rob Gronkowski have made NFTs a household term. NFTs stand for “non-fungible tokens,” i.e., they are unique and can be considered a “crypto-collectible.” The most popular token standard used for NFTs is “ERC-721.” Come, find out more.
Cardano is one of the biggest projects in the crypto space. Find out more about the unique features it brings to the table. At the end of the article, take the quiz to get a chance to win 1,000 SATs.
Ethereum 2.0 is the next stage of Ethereum’s evolution and will be launched over four phases – Phase 0, Phase 1, Phase 1.5, and Phase 2. These phases will bring in exciting features like proof-of-stake and sharding. At the end of the article, take the quiz and earn 1000 SATs
Want to earn 1,000 SATs? Do so by correctly answering a few quiz questions at the end of each of the articles listed here. Follow the guidelines and solve the quizzes. That’s it!
EOS finished its record-breaking ICO in 2018 and was poised as one of the biggest “Ethereum killers” in the market. Find out more about EOS.IO and the DPoS consensus algorithm. Do remember to take the quiz at the end!
Stellar is a decentralized peer-to-peer network created by Jed McCaleb. It aims to create a global payment system from the ground up by keeping the masses in mind. Make sure that you take the quiz at the end to earn 1,000 SATs.
Ripple and Stellar have one goal, to disrupt the financial and cross-border payments. However, both approach their goal in different ways. Read the blog and find out how. Also, make sure that you take the quiz in the end to earn 1,000 SATs.
Yes, the ultimate crypto showdown is finally here! Can Bitcoin hold onto its throne? Or does Ethereum carry enough punch to knock BTC off? Find out how these two fare against each other. Oh, and don’t forget to take the quiz at the end and some free BTC.
How does Ethereum compare with Cardano? Can Cardano solve the problems that plague second-generation blockchains? What will be the impact of Ethereum 2.0? Find out all this more. Plus, don’t forget to take the quiz and earn free Bitcoins.
If you were active in crypto around 2016-2017, you would be aware of the whole block size drama that led to the split between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Read up more about these two popular cryptos. Plus, don’t forget to take the quiz at the end and earn some free Bitcoins.
A lot of debate has been brewing around Bitcoin recently, with most of it centered around the cryptocurrency’s environmental impact and energy consumption. Let’s explore this topic today. Oh, and don’t forget to take the quiz at the end.
Cardano and EOS are two projects that have built up significant momentum in the market. When it comes to market cap, EOS currently sits much lower than Cardano but shows enormous potential as an alternative for Ethereum in the decentralized applications (dApps) space. Don’t forget to take the quiz at the end to win free BTC!
Today, we will be looking at two of the most popular coins in the crypto space – Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Both coins have been forked off from the original Bitcoin protocol, but for entirely different reasons. Do check out the quiz at the end to win free Bitcoin.
A hardware wallet stores your private keys securely. Hardware wallets are offline wallets and are considered safer than desktop, mobile, or exchange wallets because they are not connected to the internet. Find out more in this article. Plus, don’t miss out on getting some free Bitcoin at the end!
Digital wallets form the backbone of the crypto ecosystem since they store your public address and private key. Depending on what you want to do with your crypto, there are many wallets that you can choose from. Today let’s look into paper wallets. Plus, don’t forget to take the quiz at the end and get free Bitcoin.
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Both Cardano and Bitcoin have become two of the most significant cryptocurrencies in the market today. Find out more about these two cryptocurrencies. Also, don’t forget to earn some free BTC by taking the quiz at the end!
Ethereum has been around since 2015 and has become the biggest DeFi platform in the world. EOS entered the market with a lot of hype and was touted to be the “Ethereum Killer.” Let’s see how they fare face-to-face. Oh, and don’t forget to take the quiz at the end to win some free BTC.

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