Blockchains in Banking and Finance

Traditional financial institutions and financial applications of blockchain technology may seem diametrically opposed, but in actuality there is significant opportunity for mutual growth.

Are You A Crypto Trader, Gambler, Or A Spectator?

Within the Cryptocurrency trading world there are a variety of methods or mindsets to buying and selling cryptocurrency. Generally these fall under three types of traders/mindsets; a trader, gamber or a spectator.

Ripple Helping Shape Crypto’s Future in India

If implemented and integrated successfully, India could be a significant model to other developing countries that hope to one day break the bonds of traditional banking and put financial power in the hands of the people.

How Coinsmart is in Sync With the Current State of Crypto Regulation in Canada

We wanted to take a minute to share with you what is going on in the crypto market in Canada on the regulation side of things. We will share our view on regulation generally, as well as the view of the current recommended regulations in direct response from the fallout of exchanges like QuadrigaCX and Einstein within the Canadian market.