Earn Easy Cash for
Referring Friends
to CoinSmart

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Earn $15 CAD When You Refer
Friends and Family to CoinSmart

Getting started is easy. Sign up for a CoinSmart account, get verified, grab your referral link, and share with your friends and family. Once they make a deposit, they will get $15 CAD and so will you*!

*Eligible in Canada-only as of June 22nd, 2022 12:00PM ET

Get Your Unique URL and Code

Share your link with friends and social media to start earning for each referral. A successful referral is when they sign up with your link, get verified and fund their account.

How it Works

Just like our mission of making cryptocurrency accessible, we wanted to make it simple for you to earn when referring friends and family to CoinSmart! 

1. Share your code or link

Grab your unique invite link from your CoinSmart.com account.

2. Referrals sign up with your code or link

When someone clicks your link and signs up for an account we track it through our system.

3. Get paid once they deposit

When your friend deposits $100 CAD or more, you get $15 CAD and they get $15 CAD too!

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