Client Complaint & Dispute Resolution Policy

Last Updated: November 3rd, 2022

1. Our Commitment

At Simply Digital Technologies Inc, (“SDT”, “Coinsmart” “we”, “us, “our”” or “the Firm”) we are committed to resolving complaints received from clients and have established procedures to handle complaints received in a fair and timely manner. 

Our Complaint & Dispute policy is intended to outline these procedures, which we provide to new clients, clients who have filed a complaint and that we also make available on our website at:

2. How to File a Complaint with Coinsmart

Clients wishing to complain to Coinsmart may file their complaint by contacting the Compliance Department via email at

In your complaint submission, we ask that you provide (i) the details of the issue you experienced; (ii) when the event occurred; and (iii) what you are seeking as an outcome (e.g., refund, apology or correction of information).

For confidentiality reasons, we will only deal with the client or an authorized person of an account.

3. Coinsmart Complaint Handling & Dispute Resolution Procedure

We will promptly acknowledge receipt of complaints, typically within 5 days of receiving the complaint. We review all complaints fairly, taking into account all relevant documents and statements obtained from the client, our records, our staff and other relevant sources. Once our review is complete, we provide clients with a written response of our decision. The response will summarize the complaint, the results of the investigation, an explanation of our decision and will provide guidance on how to escalate further if the client is not satisfied with the response.

We typically provide our response within 90 days of receiving the complaint. If we cannot provide the client with a response within this timeline we will, inform the client of the delay, explain the reason for the delay and provide a revised decision date.

If we do not provide the client with a decision within 90 days, the client can take their complaint to the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (“OBSI”) any time after the 90-day period has ended. 

If the client is not satisfied with the outcome of our complaint handling process, the client has 180 days from the date of our decision to file a complaint with OBSI.

4. How to escalate a Complaint

Clients who are not satisfied with the resolution provided by Coinsmart may use these additional options to escalate their complaint. This service is available to you at the expense of Coinsmart.



Toll free 1-888-451-4519
Toronto 416-287-2877


Residents of Quebec can consider completing the Complaint and Allegation Report available from the Autorité des marchés financiers (“AMF”) or may also want to consider engaging the free mediation service the AMF offers.


Toll Free: 1-877-525-0337
Quebec: 1-418-525-0337
Montreal: 1-514-395-0337

  1. Legal Advice

Clients are not restricted in any way from taking their complaint to a dispute resolution service of their choosing at their own expense.

Clients always have the right to go to a lawyer or seek other ways to resolve their complaints.