How To Add Crypto Payments To Your Website?

How To Add Crypto Payments To Website

Accepting crypto payments offers several advantages for businesses, including access to a new class of customers, lower payment processing fees, and reduced risk of fraud and chargebacks. It can also be a viable alternative for newer and less established merchants who struggle to secure traditional payment processors. But the question many merchants as is, “How to add crypto payments to website?” In this article, we will show you how this can be facilitated using SmartPay, a user-friendly and secure payment gateway that supports multiple cryptocurrencies.

Reasons Why Businesses Should Add Crypto Payments 

As a business, there are several reasons why you should consider accepting crypto payments on your website. Let’s look at some major ones. 

No Expensive Processing Fees 

As a merchant, credit card processing fees make up a significant expense. These processing fees typically range between ~3% to 5% based on your client model and or the merchant processor being used. if a business owner earns around $10,000 through a payment, $300 is immediately redirected toward payment processing fees. Over multiple transactions, you can see that this figure becomes quite significant. This is why business owners may accept crypto payments on their websites to cut out excessive costs.

New Customers 

Adding crypto payments to the website can open businesses to new customers comfortable with crypto transactions. Furthermore, it makes transacting with international customers easier without paying steep transaction fees. It’s simple, the more payment options you provide, the easier it is for customers to pay you. 

No Risk Of Chargebacks 

A major benefit of adding crypto payments to your website is eliminating the risk of payment recalls or chargebacks. Crypto payments are immutable and, once completed, cannot be changed. This means that as a merchant, you will not have to worry about steep chargeback fees when dealing with payment disputes. 

Why Have Crypto Payments Not Taken Off Yet?

Today, you can buy pretty much anything using cryptocurrencies, ranging from movie tickets, clothes, groceries, and Substack subscriptions. Despite these conveniences, the adoption of crypto payments is relatively stagnant. Don’t get us wrong, merchants can access the technology to enable crypto payments. However, many factors, both on the business and consumer sides, have posed a hindrance.

On the consumer side, there are concerns surrounding regulatory uncertainty, exchange rate volatility, privacy, and safety. Furthermore, businesses often have to deal with several undesirable factors, such as chargebacks, due to the lacking experience when it comes to crypto.

How To Add Crypto Payments To Website With SmartPay

SmartPay is an offering by Coinsmart that allows businesses to accept bitcoin payments and instantly convert them into fiat currency at locked-in exchange rates, with settlements to their bank account on the same day. SmartPay gives businesses guaranteed exchange rates, coupled with low transaction fees and no risk of chargebacks.


So how does SmartPay work? All you need to do to streamline crypto payments is create an account on the platform. You can then integrate SmartPay into your websites via API to easily facilitate easy online payments as part of the existing checkout/payment process.


Users will get the option to pay the invoice with the following cryptocurrencies.

How To Add Crypto Payments To Website

The entire payment process is very simple and straightforward..

How To Add Crypto Payments To Website

Please note that the exchange rate for this specific invoice is guaranteed for 10 minutes, as per the timer at the top of the page. 

It’s that simple. Moreover, the crypto is auto-sold on receipt, with the funds immediately wired to your bank account.

The SmartPay Advantage

SmartPay offers businesses a host of advantages, such as

Easily Accept Crypto Payments

SmartPay allows you to accept crypto payments and save up to ~2.5% compared to traditional credit card payments.

Guaranteed Exchange Rate

With SmartPay, you get a guaranteed exchange rate. This means no market risk or exposure to volatility.

Instant Access To Funds

SmartPay instantly wires the funds to your bank account, so you don’t have to wait for funds clearance.

Say Goodbye To Chargebacks

With SmartPay, chargebacks are a thing of the past. Secure your funds, and don’t worry about any risk of fraud.

In Closing

With SmartPay,businesses can quickly and easily integrate crypto payments into their website, providing customers with a seamless and secure payment experience.

  • The SmartPay portal can be used by a business to send invoices by email to a customer to make payment.
  • Smartpay APIs can be integrated into merchant websites for an online checkout payment experience.

SmartPay’s intuitive interface makes it easy to manage transactions and provides real-time data and analytics, helping businesses stay on top of their finance. You can visit the official website here to get started or learn more about SmartPay.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is strictly for information purposes only. All of the opinions expressed in this article are not connected to CoinSmart and are not intended to provide you with investment advice. It is important that you do your personal research and/or consult an investment advisor to determine what is right for you.