Streamer Affiliate Program

Streamer Affiliate Program

Note: CoinSmart offers services to Europeans & Canadians who are above the age of 18. We are not available to Americans. 

It’s great being a CoinSmart Affiliate!

☆ We have the best fees around

Yes, we genuinely have a great pricing model. We’re not a hard sell to your audience. Reddit compared exchanges based on e-transfer amounts and CoinSmart ranks among the best—have a look for yourself.

☆ Generous commissions

You get $50 per successful referral.

That’s $20 when someone confirms their identity on our platform and $30 when they deposit $100+ CAD into their account.

Best of all, your users get $15 when they make that deposit. Win-win.

☆ We’ll reward you even more

If you’re doing a great job driving traffic to your link, we’ll reach out to collaborate. Or if you can prove you have a strong Canadian/European following (30%+), email—we are open to hosting social media giveaways that CoinSmart will fully fund. Prizes could be Bitcoin, your own merch, or gifted subscriptions to your channel (we’re open to creative ideas).

Interested yet?

Sign up here to apply for your affiliate link. We’ll follow up with an email full of assets, recommendations, and talking points to you so you can be successful pitching us!

Reach out to if you have any questions or need assistance.