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Funding Options.

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Canadian Dollar Funding Options.

Interac e-Transfer

  • $100Min
  • $3,000Max
  • 0% Fee on $2000+
    1.5% Fee on $100-$1999
  • Same DayReceived

Bank Wire

  • $10,000Min
  • $5,000,000Max
  • 0% Fee
  • Same DayReceived

Bank Draft

  • $500Min
  • $5,000Max
  • 0% Fee
  • Same DayReceived

Credit / Debit Cards

  • $100Min
  • $5,000Max
  • Up to 6% Fee
  • InstantProcessing

Canadian Dollar Withdrawal Options.

Electronic Funds Transfer

  • $50Min
  • $10,000Max
  • 1%Fee
    ($15 Minimum)
  • 1-5 daysProcessing

Bank Wire

  • $10,000Min
  • $1,000,000Max
  • 1% Fee
    ($15 Minimum)
  • 1-5 DaysProcessing

Crypto Withdrawal Fees.

Cryptocurrency Withdrawals*











Immediate Delivery

Trading Fees.


.20% for single trade**
.40% for double trade***

eg: You buy $1,000 worth of Bitcoin, the trading fee will be $2.00.

*For your security, all first time crypto withdrawals are subject to ONE TIME secondary verification. To complete this, you will be asked to submit a selfie Learn More

**A single trade occurs when you trade between Canadian Dollars and any cryptocurrency or when trading between two cryptocurrencies when one of the cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin(BTC).

***A double trade occurs when you trade between two cryptocurrencies that are NOT Bitcoin(BTC) eg: Litecoin(LTC) to Ripple(XRP).

**** Identity verification is required to transact on the CoinSmart platform. CoinSmart provides an instant verification option through Equifax.

***** Cash advance fees may apply, please reference your credit card agreement for details. Variable credit card processing fee, up to 6%.

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