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blockchain scalability techniques

Blockchain Scalability Techniques: Layer 2

In the previous article, we talked about different layer-1 scalability techniques. If you haven’t already, you can check our article on Layer-1 scalability techniques here. So, today, let’s look at the other side of the equation – layer-2 scalability techniques.

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What Is Airdrop?

Airdrops can be defined as the process whereby a cryptocurrency company distributes cryptocurrency tokens to the wallets of some users free of charge.

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Mining For Crypto Gold

Cryptocurrency mining celebrates its 10th year of existence this year. What is mining though? It’s somewhat misunderstood as the process of “finding coins”, but it’s more complicated than that.

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What Is Ethereum?

No question about it, as far as technological advancement is concerned, we have left our ancestors in the dust. It’s almost comical to think about what someone from the 1800s might do if..

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What are Smart Contracts?

Smart Contracts are digitally binding contracts between two or more parties that do not require a central authority for enforcement. Simply put the clauses of any contract contain certain terms and..

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What Is A Cold Wallet?

You can think of cold wallets as a safe and secure way to store your cryptocurrency similar to the way that your real-life wallet stores your Canadian dollars and coins..

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