Is Ethereum’s Future Soulbound?

Ethereum soulbound NFT

Soulbinding is a mechanism by which an item gets tied to a player “for life.” You can’t trade or send this item to another player. As such, it has been designed to reduce twinking. You can no longer hand down your leveled-up equipment to your friends and guildmates.

The Trilemmas of Crypto

crypto trilemma

If you have been around crypto for a while, you would be pretty familiar with the word “trilemma.” It seems like every single concept in crypto has a “trilemma” behind it, namely the “scalability” and “stablecoin” trilemmas. Today let’s look at what we mean by both these concepts.

Supply and Demand in Cryptocurrencies

Supply and Demand

With inflation growing out of control, it is crucial to understand the basics. An old saying goes — inflation happens when too many dollars are chasing too few goods. At its core, inflation/deflation occurs due to a combination of supply and demand factors.

CoinSmart Boosts Anti-Money Laundering Efforts By Joining TRUST

CoinSmart has officially joined the Travel Rule Universal Solution Technology (TRUST) to boost its anti-money laundering (AML) efforts. TRUST is a group of crypto companies that have joined a universal standard to address anti-money laundering regulations

Why CoinSmart? A Word From Our CEO

As posted in a Medium article by Justin Hartzman. He’s launching a cryptocurrency exchange to help alleviate the frustrations users face daily, and here’s why