Why CoinSmart? A Word From Our CEO

As posted in a Medium article by Justin Hartzman: I’m Launching A Cryptocurrency Exchange And Here’s Why… 

Let’s start by having an honest conversation about crypto exchanges and the frustrations users face.

The struggle is real – I know that. How many of you have transferred funds to your account and had to wait days, sometimes weeks for the money to appear in your wallets? Only to then realize you have to trade to a different currency/coin pairing in order to purchase the crypto you actually want? Some of you, most of you… all of you? I know I have.

First you’re worried about where your money is, and second, you’re in this incredibly fast-paced environment, so there is a solid chance you have missed a market opportunity after weeks of waiting.

Let’s take it a step further – you’re new to the crypto world. Your friends are all talking about this great new cryptocurrency or token that has a bright future. You’re excited about the investment opportunity, and this may be the perfect opportunity for you to enter the crypto market, and learn more.


The coins you’re interested in aren’t available on any Canadian exchange.

Turns out you can’t buy them using Canadian currency, or even bitcoin because it’s “paired with” some obscure cryptocurrency, AND you have to send money or crypto overseas. Really, are you prepared to do that?

Do you give up, or figure out how to do multiple trades to eventually achieve the right pairing in order to purchase the coin you want?

Between adding funds to your wallet and waiting days/weeks for the money to arrive, sending your crypto to another country, and trying to figure out pairings… You’ve pulled your hair out.

You’ve tried to reach out to the exchanges for help.  Unfortunately, they don’t provide phone support. There’s just an email address, and again, you’re stuck waiting. This whole experience hasn’t inspired confidence in crypto, has it?


It’s not just another exchange or trading platform – CoinSmart will provide same-day funding, super secure wallets (so secure, we can’t even talk about it), and excellent support. My team works around the clock to change the landscape and provide you, exactly what it is we all need and want.

But that’s not all…

At CoinSmart we are introducing the GetSmart Hub for all things crypto, regardless of your level of experience, we’ll have content to help you through your challenges, and even content that will help to propel your trading expertise to the next level. All content is provided at 3 levels of expertise so you are never over your head.

If that’s not enough to pique your interest, try this on for size:

  • Trading pairs aren’t an issue on our platform – get the coins you want in one click with our SmartTrade feature
  • Our selection of cryptocurrencies is unrivaled in Canada
  • CoinSmart clients have access to our Tax solution and will be able to do their full crypto taxes for 2019

I believe that crypto should be accessible to ALL Canadians, coast to coast, sea to shining sea, regardless of experience level or wealth. Our trading platform solves the issues of security, accessibility, and providing same-day funding in one central location. CoinSmart takes the cryptic out of crypto.

Check out CoinSmart.com for yourself – Feel free to share your thoughts with me, I would love to hear from you. I can always be reached  JH@coinsmart.com.
The launch is July 17 and we can’t wait to see you there.